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Some comic artists I :+devwatch: are posting their takes on a symbol, and say nothing else rather than "It's spreading".

So whether is this a warning about an alien/secret cult invasion or their messing with us, I still decide to collect them all on my journal for fun.…………………
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Our team comictrio has a new website at :) What do you think?
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After all this time of watching my peers fooling around with their blog I decided to open one myself.

Check this out: ( It is a little bit messy, but I'm working on it.
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Batman free sketch by marciotakara

How cool is that?
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...A day off from school work. How nice...
Well, I hate to admit it, but I am truly getting lazy.

Back when I was in high school, with all the tight schedule and homework, I still managed to have time to draw and fooling around with Photoshop.

Now I am in college and life isn't as busy as it was in high school, I suddenly find out I haven't working to my full potential.

I am getting to lazy to ink my drawing. Well, to be honest, digital inking is such a boring and seemingly never-ending work, with all the "pen tool" and the "stroke path". I am getting sick of it.

These days, usually I can only ink half of the drawing before I get bored and throw away the "Ink" layer...

The worst part is, I tried to make my paintings look more like a traditional ones with textures and filters. I hid my laziness and irresponsibility with fancy Photoshop techniques. Shame on me...

Recently I've been feeling great comfortable with the role of a colorist. I colored some of my friend splendidriver's drawing rather than doing my own. I even chose to color the low-resolution inked drawing, rather than the high-resolution sketch even when the sketch will probably provide a better result.

Most of the time, I open Photoshop then leave it and open some comic books to read. It took 2 evenings for me to color the "Happy New Year postcard"...

I used to go to the photocopy service once a week for scanning. Now I am getting to lazy to go. I keep telling myself: "Neh, I am not in the mood for coloring. Just wait till I have more drawing and then I can go have all of them scanned at one trip"

What am I to do? What if I got to lazy to even breath?

1. Who is your favourite Pokemon?

Bulbasaur!!! (Love his face)

2. Why is it your favour Pokemon?
Fearow may be? He's got speed and really tough.

3. What is your favourite type of Pokemon? Why?

Grass , Poison

4. If you were a Pokemon, what would you be?

Bulbasaur of course.

5. What starter Pokemon would you choose? (name one for each region)
Bulbasaur - Kanto
Cyndaquil - Johto
Torchic - Hoenn
Turtwig - Shinou

6. What would be the first Pokemon you catch on your journey?
A male Nidoran :heart:

7. Name your dream team. (any region)

Venusaur Fearow Nidoking Gyarados (or Tentacruel, depend on the opponent) Gengar (use him in every region) Steelix

8. How long have you been interested in Pokemon?
Grade 7 or so.

9. Do your friends and family like Pokemon?
tuannam, splendidriver, my little sister (she started playing Pokémon at the age of 5) and many persons I know...

10. What are their favourites?

My sister love all the baby Pokémon and...Blastoise may be?

11. What do you value more, the games or the toys?


12. What games do you have?

Every GB, GBA, N64 games. I have Diamond&Pearl but my poor computer can't run the emulator. Darn it!
I even have PokeNetBattle

13. What is your favourite plush? Figure? Game?

Pichu and Venusaur.

14. Name your top 5 favourite Pokemon.


15. Name your top 5 least favourite Pokemon.


16. Which is your favourite region?



I'll tag

...That's all
This article was composed by my friend splendidriver. I posted it here as a sign of support.

You know I'm living in Vietnam, a country in the South East Asia, and in the South of a big, powerful nation - China. Since the end of the wars, our country and China have been friends until now, quite a long time with peace and this is a pretty good relationship. But a few days ago, with no reason, their government made a decision to create a city under their control on one of the islands of Truong Sa archipelago which probably belong to Vietnam. This action is definitely an invasion, that made Vietnamese people and government feel very displeased. The government of us is trying to make them take back the decision because we have many proves to show them the truth that Truong Sa and Hoang Sa are all belong to Vietnam from the very beginning (since a long time of thousands years in the history of Vietnam). And when the government is trying, the young people of Vietnam made a decision to make a peace demonstration to put pressure on the Chinese Government, to show them the spirit of the Vietnamese people, to against the invasion that they started on our lands.

Yesterday, December 9th, about 300 Vietnamese people gathered together in front of the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi, started the peace demonstration with banners and Vietnamese flags to show them the love of our country, the spirit that against their invasion. And the demonstration ended with somehow success when there was no violent action from anybody. Even the police showed their goodwill about the aim of this demonstration and they acted very peaceful to the demonstrators to make them end the demonstration and go home. It seems everybody was satisfied about the "spirit result" and they stop yelling and went home in peace.

After this I feel so proud about my young compatriot, this action of them shows their love for their own country, the spirit of nation in them to against an invasion from our "friends" from the North. But, I always hope the Chinese government will think again and take back the decision, and return whatever belong to Vietnam, and end this in peace.
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...and I will be in university next week.
hhhmm! I woke up and the first thing that popped out of my head was "Darn! I'm sick" . How strange that people can get sick so easily.
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Not having a scanner can be a disadvantage. I drew a lot this week, but couldn't gather enough strength and courage to go out in this terribly hot weather and riding to my friend splendidriver , who has a pretty cute scanner. Well, I have to get to him tomorrow to help him with some Photoshop (although he prefers the traditional ways )
I haven't seen my friends (I mean, IN PERSON ) since we said good-bye before the university entrance exams. We planned to see Pirates of Caribbean: At world's end in Thursday, but one of my friends   
has a date on Thursday, so we moved it to Wednesday (that is, today). But then something came up, and we'll have to move it to Friday (13th). It really upset me because I have been looking forward to see this movie since the day I saw its trailer on Disney channel. My friend splendidriver won't join me this time (too busy with his girlfriend). Darn!!
  • Watching: Marvellous artworks on dA
I have been taking the whole day exploring dA, and I was stunned by all those beautiful artworks. They're just sooooooooo... marvellous  and inspiring. Just the kind of get-away I need for this booooooring summer!